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Monthly Newsletter of Shenandoah Valley Gem & Mineral Society
September 2010Meeting: Monday, September 13, 7:30 PM, Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, 364 Bridge Road
Business:  Club Show –  final details (last meeting before the Show)
Program:  Things of Interest to the Rock Hound – Kelly LaneOne Month to Gem Show – October 2-3       Saturday: 10:00-6:00;  Sunday: 12:00-5:00
Things to remember:
1. If you intend to exhibit at the Show, pick up a case from the club room at the September meeting, or on the cleanup day on September 18,  or make arrangements to meet someone there another time.  No one will have time to leave the Show area on that Friday or Saturday to let you in because those helping to set up will be very busy.
2. If you intend to have an exhibit, let Paul Johnson know, if you haven’t already, so he can plan the space.  Also, remember to arrange your items neatly and label them so our visitors will know what the items are and where they come from.  This will be the educational part of the Show.
3. The club will be providing a covered dish, pot luck dinner for the dealers Friday evening, October 1.  The club buys fried chicken and members bring all the other dishes – vegetables, salads, desserts, drinks.  If you can help with this, let Paul know.  This is a convenience for the dealers and a time for members to get better acquainted with the dealers.
4. Paul will have signup sheets for ticket sellers available at the September meeting.  Sellers are needed Saturday and Sunday.  If you can’t make the meeting but would be available, contact Paul.
5. Club members are asked to wear a name tag – your name on a rock slab, naturally.
6. Members are needed to help with set up of tables Friday afternoon – for exact time to arrive, ask Paul for it may be different from last year.  Members are also needed to help with take down on Sunday afternoon beginning at 5:00.  Again, contact Paul if you could help either or both days.
7. Paul’s contact info:; phone – 540-942-3864.  Paul is co-chair of the Club Show in charge of contacting dealers and making all arrangements concerning the site of the Show and layout of the site.
Show Advertising
If you have come across another opportunity for advertising our Show, please let Roland Stetler know immediately – or call 540-463-6098.  He has fliers printed which we can hand out and/or post on bulletin boards.  Be sure to get some from him and spread the word!  Roland is co-chair of the Club Show in charge of advertising.Clean Up Day in the Club Room
Saturday, September 18, will be a general clean up day in the club room at the church.  If you can help, please come at 9:00 AM.  The fact that we have this room will be advertised at the Show so we want to have it presentable and inviting when guests and new members come to visit it.
Club Room to be Open
Plans are being made to have the club room open on a regular basis on the Saturday following the monthly meetings.  Volunteers will be needed to help man the room and give instruction.  Contact Paul Johnson if you will be able to help.
Gentle reminder: those who use the club room should leave the room clean.  A donation to help with replenishing supplies which were used would be appreciated.Field Trip Canceled
The field trip to Old Sulphur Mine on September 12 has been canceled.
Upcoming Opportunities for Field Trips
Plans are underway for other field trips this fall and winter.  If you would like to be on the field trip notification list or have questions about trips, contact Scott Duresky at or Dean Hostetter at meeting: October 11 – discussion of the Show and what can be made better.  As you are helping with the Show, make a mental note of what is great, what is good, what is ok, what definitely needs improvement, and any comments you overhear.  Also, make a note of when and where you see our Show advertised in the various media to help us make the best use of our advertising dollars. This is an important discussion, maybe not interesting to some but an important part of the Show nevertheless, for we’d like to have our Show to be one of the “don’t miss it” events in the Valley.Final Thought
Who is it that you could personally invite to attend the Gem Show?  Grandkids, co-workers, neighbors, friends?  That’s another way of advertising our Show – by word of mouth.Club Officers 2010
President – Kelly Lane                Show Co-chairs – Paul Johnson, Roland Stetler
Vice President – Barbara Jesser            Library Presentations – Linda Corwin
Secretary/Newsletter – Thelma Miller        Field Trip Coordinators – Scott Duresky
Treasurer – Leo Cloutier                         Dean HostetterPresident Kelly Lane’s email:
Web site:


August 9, 2010 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order by president Kelly Lane with fourteen members present.  The minutes of the June meeting were approved as printed.
Paul Johnson reported on items related to the Gem Show.  Business-sized cards will be printed giving information about the club and its meetings which will be handed out by the tickets sellers.  Additional information about the club will be available at the ticket table, also.  Paul handed out samples of the card for the members to make any suggestions.  Kelly Lane volunteered to have one thousand cards printed at Staples after Paul emails him the final draft.  Eight dealers have signed contracts for the Show.
It was emphasized that members who intend to exhibit at the Show should pick up a case at the September meeting or on shop cleaning day, September 18.  No one will be available on Friday or Saturday of the Show to run over to open the room.  If you cannot be at either September date, make arrangements with someone to open the room for you.  If you intend to exhibit, let Paul Johnson know, if you haven’t already, so he can plan the space.
The club room will be open on the Saturdays following the monthly meetings for those who wish to use the equipment.  Volunteers will be needed to help with this.  Those wishing to help should contact Paul Johnson, or 540-942-3864.
Leo Cloutier announced that he will order six wheels for the equipment at $880.00 total.  Dean Hostetter volunteered to search the Internet for a better price and will contact Leo.  Leo moved that the wheels be purchased.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Leo commented that the shop needs a thorough cleaning.  He also remarked that those using the room should clean up when finished and leave a small donation to be used for replacing items.  Paul Johnson moved that Saturday, September 18, 9:00 AM, be a workshop cleaning day.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Dean Hostetter and Scott Gregory have been researching some mines in the Vesuvius area and have received actual permission for field trips probably in the winter.Thelma Miller

August 2010

Meeting: Monday, August 9, 7:30 PM, Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, 364 Bridge Ave.
Business: Gem Show details, if any
Other items
Program: Roland Stetler, Scenes from Utah  If you have some stunning specimens from Utah,
please bring them to display.
Two Months Until Our Gem Show – October 2-3
The Show will soon be here.  Here are three items to think about.
If you intend to have a display case at the show and you have not already done so, please contact Paul Johnson to reserve a case and space.  He will need to how many so he can plan the display area.  Remember to clearly label your specimens so that our visitors will know what they are looking at and where in the world it came from.
Help will be needed for setting up on Friday afternoon, October 1, and preparing dinner for the dealers.  Also, on Sunday afternoon help will be needed to take down the tables.   During the show hours we will need ticket sellers.  Let Paul know which of the times you will be able to help.
Contact Paul at
Have you run across a good place for us to advertise the Show?  Let Roland Stetler know even if you think he might already have the information – maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t!  The more widely we advertise, the more people will hear about it and may come.  He has some flyers printed for us to distribute as well.
Contact Roland at
Field Trips
No field trips are currently scheduled but will surely be this fall.  If you are not on the field trip notification list and would like to be, contact Scott Duresky at or Dean Hostetter at
Lapidary Workshop
Dean Hostetter will be offering a lapidary workshop at his home in the near future.  If you would be interested in this, let Dean know at so he can notify you.Next Meeting: September 13Shenandoah Valley Gem & Mineral Society
Minutes June 14, 2010Meeting 14 June; Kelly Lane presidingOld/new items:  Picnic —12 July — 6PM  — Coyner Springs Park, Waynesboro (directions from Thelma).  Bring your own utensils and drinks and something to share. The park has a nice covered/shaded  picnic shelter. We always have a great time, and if you want, bring rocks to sell/share/swap. Hope everyone can come.Scott discussed the Lake Anna rock swap and other pending opportunities for potential collecting sites. Stay tuned for more opportunities.Treasures Of The Earth “gem show” will be 2-4 July at Expoland in Fishersville.Leo gave an excellent and timely program on  how to setup a display case. He suggested labeling everything  (possibly using 1/4 inch molding to hold the labels). Be creative, try to make a nice arrangement; have a theme if you can but have fun.  Everyone should wear a pin-back with a rock/cab and your name on it (name tag) at the show. Leo has extra pin-backs.  This was a great idea.  We all came away with some ideas to show our rocks/gems.This started a good discussion on display cases etc.  Paul counted the cases after the meeting and we have approx 20 with glass; some folks have some at home. There are two sizes but in either case they aren’t very tall (not to exceed approx 8 inches). Paul will provide details  — if you want a case see Paul. At the Sep meeting you can check out a case and see how to use it.  Also the club owns a fluorescent case for use or possibly sharing with others.Leo will check out the grinding wheels and make recommendations for purchase etc.We discussed opening the club workshop on Saturdays for use by interested children/adults who attend the show. Paul will make up a simple card (business size for club info). Also a suggested signup sheet for use of the club workshop. He will email examples to all members.Minutes by Bob Helt
in the absence of Thelma Miller

June 2010
Meeting: Monday, June 14, 7:30 pm, Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, 364 Bridge Avenue
       Business: Gem Show items
       Program: Leo Cloutier
Welcome New Members
       Don Brooke – Raphine
       Patricia Rhodenizer – Lyndhurst
Four Months Until Gem Show – October 2-3
       The Club has 40 exhibit cases which Club members may use for displays at the Gem Show.  Twenty of these cases are small and twenty are larger.  Space will likely be limited; therefore, if you are interested in displaying at the Show, please let Paul Johnson know or 540-942-3864.  If you do plan to display, remember to make labels for your items telling what each is and where it is from.  This will help make our Show even more educational and informative.
Field Trip Opportunities
       Sunday, June 13 – Eastern Federation Region IV Annual Picnic & Swap at Lake Anna State Park, Shelter #1, off of rte. 601.
              Swap begins at 10:00 AM with picnic lunch at noon.  Hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. Please bring a dish to share and your own drinks.
              Auction begins at 2:00 PM – bring an item for the auction.
              Door prizes – bring one to donate.
              No selling is allowed in the park.
              For directions and more information, go to  click more info. here under Region IV Annual Picnic then  click on flyer page for colorful flyer with directions.
       Saturday, June 26, rain date Sunday, June 27 – Sugar Hollow Reservoir Red Jasper and Meta-Basalt Location
               Meet at Dairy Queen in Crozet, Virginia at 9:00 AM.  Parking is limited and must carpool to the collecting site.
               Dean Hostetter writes,” This is a very rugged and steep hiking location.  Some of the hike will be in creeks with slick and unstable footing.  Also, if you are afraid of creepy crawlies and the possibility of meeting up with the poisonous variety, you may want to set this one out.  So basically, you need to be in good health and not afraid of nature.  Pack light, dress light, bug spray (ticks are bad this year), good stable hiking boots that can get wet, classifying screens and maybe 1 five gallon bucket.  There are no restroom facilities.”
               If, after that warning, you are still interested, let Dean know by Wednesday, June 23, at or call evenings after 6 PM 540-649-3572.
Announcements from Scott Duresky
       Fossil Collecting – As some of you who are interested in collecting fossils have recently experienced, many of the traditional areas in Central Virginia for collecting fossils are relatively “picked over” and inaccessible.  While future options available to us may include prospecting trips to new fossil collecting sites, the reality is that much of the best fossil material to be found in the Virginia-Maryland-North Carolina area involves marine fossils, many of which are available only by boat; all are some distance away from Waynesboro and would involve carpooling and/or overnight trips.
       Club member Stephen White, who lives in Annandale, VA, is in the process of organizing a fall trip for us to collect shark’s teeth, whale bone and other marine fossils at Flag Ponds State Park in Maryland, near the Calvert Cliffs formation; Dave Lines of the Southern Maryland Club and [Scott] will soon be working on possible joint field trips to a number of other locatities in the same region.
       In the meantime, the best ongoing option would appear to be the regularly scheduled Spring, Summer and Fall fossil collecting trips sponsored by the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsburg.  These trips are offered for a fee and vary in expense, but they are led by Dr. Ward, a professor of paleontology, and offer the opportunity not only to gain access to some of the more remote collecting sites, but for those interested, to acturally be able to identify what they’ve found.  Some of these trips involve boat trips, some are overnight, but all offer wonderful opportunities for those interested in growing their knowledge in the diversity of the marine fossils to be found in our area.
       Since these trips will not be sponsored by the Shenandoah Valley Gem & Mineral Soiety, they will not be listed individually on our website or in our newsletters.  If you’re interested, go to the web site for the Virginia Museum and review the trip offerings, and/or request to be placed on their mailing list.  These trips fill up quickly, so, if you see something you like, sign up for it right away.
       Mineral Mouse – Rudy Bland in the Richmond Club publishes one of the best mineral-related newsletters in the country.  He has been an active collector since the late 1950s.  Scott writes that he has known Rudy since the late 1960s and is one of the nicest people I know in any walk of life and certainly one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to minerals.  Scott will be bringing past issues of The Mineral Mouse to the July meeting for those who want to look at them, but in the meantime, if anyone would like to sign up for the FREE publication, write to Rudy Bland at and ask to be placed on the mailing list for The Mineral Mouse.  Tell him that Scott sent you!
       Rudy’s Yard Sale of all sorts will be held Saturday, June 12, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Among the items he will be selling are mineral and lapidary items including flats and minerals ranging from $5 to $30, fossils and garden rocks.  To reach Rudy’s house, from I-64 east in Richmond, exit 183, turn right towards US 250/Broad Street/Glenside Drive.  Keep left to stay on ramp toward US 250/Broad Street.  Turn right for 0.2 miles toward US 250/Broad Street then bear right onto US 250/W. Broad Street for 0.9 miles.  Turn left onto N. Crestwood Avenue for 0.2 miles.  Rudy’s address is 5904 N. Crestwood Avenue, Richmond, VA 23230.  (Rudy is thin, with close-cropped red hair and in his early 60s.  When you see him, tell him Scott sent you!)
President – Kelly Lane                              Gem Show Co-Chairs – Paul Johnson, Roland Stetler
Vice President – Barbara Jesser            Field Trip Coordinators – Scott Duresky, Dean Hostetter
Secretary/Newsletter – Thelma Miller      Library Presentations Committee Chair – Linda Corwin
Treasurer – Leo Cloutier
Next Meeting:  Monday, July 12 – Annual Club Picnic!
Newsletter deadline – July 2


May 2010
Meeting: Monday, May 10, 7:30 pm, Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, 364 Bridge Avenue
                Business: Minutes
                                  Treasurer’s Report
                                  Reports: Gem Show
                                                  Web Site
                                                  Library Presentations
                                                  Field Trips
                                   Unfinished Business
                                   New Business
                  Program: Dr. Lance Kearns, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology at JMU –  “Tools of the Mineralogist”
Dinner with the Speaker
      Before the meeting on May 10, we will be able to have dinner with Dr. Kearns at Gavid’s Steak House, 1501 West Broad Street, Waynesboro, at 6:00 pm.  Anyone wishing to attend please contact Scott Duresky on or before May 6 so that he may make reservations for us at the restaurant.  Email Scott at or telephone 434-974-7370.  Those attending will share the cost of Dr. Kearns’ dinner.  Scott has directions to the restaurant if you need them.
      When you go on field trips, please bring some of your finds to the next club meeting to show to those of us who weren’t able to go.  We understand that those who went on the recent trips to the Sulphur Mine, Morefield Mine and the copper mine found some interesting items. Of course, we like to see items you have bought on your vacation trips or acquired through other ways, also.  It’s kind of a “show and tell” time.  In addition, bring those “mystery” stones in hopes that someone can identify them.
Speaking of Morefield Mine – Good News
       The mine will be closing May 8 for the summer but it will reopen in the fall.  The owners have taken the mine off the market and plan to continue its operation.  There is more there than amazonite as many of you already know so a second or third trip may be justified.  More information is available at
An Opportunity
       The Central Virginia Gold Prospectors will be having their Gold Fest 2010 on Memorial Day weekend, May 29-31, near Dillwyn, Virginia.  There will be a variety of activities and gold panning.  For more information,  see, or talk to John and Ruth Schlabach at the meeting.
Five Months until the Gem Show
        As you are sorting through your recent finds from field trips or rearranging your collection, be thinking of what you would like to display in an exhibit case at the Show.  In addition to giving our vendors an opportunity to sell their items, we want the show to be educational for those who attend.  Many of us have some spectacular pieces which would be very attractive – the kinds of things which elict  the phrases, “Oh, look at that!” and “Where in the world did that come from!”
         If you know of good places where we can advertise the Gem Show, please contact Roland Stetler at  Don’t assume that he already has that information!  The more advertisements we are able to place, the better for our vendors and our Show.
Virginia Gems
        On David Lipscomb’s web site,, he has a link to a list of Virginia gems and minerals and where they are found.  This list may be helpful as you prepare an exhibit case or for finding items in your collection to donate or lend for the traveling library presentations case.  Linda Corwin is chair of the library presentations committee and may be reached at
Wildacres Information Online
        Information and reservation form for Wildacres session September 7-13 are available at, click on Wildacres.
Welcome to our newest members
        Matthew Gerome – Harrisonburg
        Brenda Gordon – Greenville
        Wayne, Angi, Savannah, Addison Lee – Strasburg
        Susan Reynolds – Stuarts Draft
        Iain and Jennifer Waugh – Thailand
        Richard Waugh – Chester
Keeping Up to Date
        When you change your address, email address, or telephone number, please let Thelma Miller know so that the roster may be kept up to date.  If you are on the field trip notification list, let Scott Duresky know.  Otherwise, you may miss the newsletter, field trip notifications, or cancellation notices.  Please give us the telephone number which you prefer the club to use – either land line or cell phone.  Thank you in advance.  Email or telephone 540-828-3336.
Next meeting: June 14 – Program by Leo Cloutier
Newsletter Deadline – June 3
   President – Kelly Lane                                 Gem Show Co-Chairs – Paul Johnson, Roland Stetler
   Vice President – Barbara Jesser               Field Trip Coordinators – Scott Duresky, Dean Hostetter
   Secretary/Newsletter – Thelma Miller         Library Presentations Committee Chair – Linda Corwin
   Treasurer – Leo Cloutier

Monthly Newsletter of
Shenandoah Valley Gem & Mineral Society
April 2010Meeting: Monday, April 12, 7:30 pm, Waynesboro Church of the Brethren
Business: Approval of minutes
Treasurer’s report – Leo Cloutier
Gem Show – Paul Johnson and Roland Stetler
Web Site – Paul Johnson
Library Presentations Committee – Linda Corwin
Field Trips – Scott Duresky and Dean Hostetter
Unfinished business
New business
Program: Paul Johnson, Gem IdentificationField Trips
Thirteen club members and guests attended the field trip to JMU Mineral Museum on March 6.  In addition seven or eight members from another club attended, also.
Six members went on the trip to the American Rutile quarry in Nelson County April 3.Upcoming trips – For more details or to be added to the field trips notification list, contact Scott Duresky at svgem-min- club@live,com or Dean Hostetter at, April 16-Sunday, April 18 – Natural Bridge/Maysville, KY.  Fossil collecting trip sponsored by the Virginia Museum of
Natural History
Saturday, April 17 (rain date, Sunday, April 18) – The Old Sulphur Mine, Mineral, VA – Leader: Scott Duresky
Saturday, April 24 (no rain date) – The Morefield Mine, Amelia Courthouse, VA – Leader: Scott Duresky
Saturday, May 1 (rain date, Sunday, May 2) –  An old copper mine now located on Wintergreen’s property (permission has been
secured) –  Leader Dean HostetterA Special Opportunity in May – Dinner with the SpeakerOur Monday, May 10th club presentation will feature Dr. Lance Kearns, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology at James Madison University and Curator of JMU’s Mineral Museum.  His topic will be “The Tools of the Mineralogist,” and promises to be a fascinating topic for anyone interested in this aspect of our hobby.
The presentation will be preceded by “Dinner with the Speaker,” which will take place at 6:00pm at Gavid’s Steak House, 1501 West Broad Street, Waynesboro, VA; the telephone number of the restaurant is 540-949-6353.
Anyone attending the dinner will be expected to make a contribution towards Lance’s dinner.  Let Scott Duresky know on or before Sunday, May 9, so that he can inform the restaurant of the number of people who will be attending.
Scott may be reached at 434-974-7370, or at
If you need assistance with directions, either to the restaurant, or from the restaurant to the meeting place, please let Scott know.Virginia Minerals Display Case
A reminder: if you have some specimens, especially of Virginia minerals, which you would like to lend to the traveling display case, please contact Linda Corwin, chair of the Library Presentations Committee, at or telephone 540-941-8737.Web Site
Our web site is under construction and looking good.  You may view it at  If you have comments or suggestions, contact Paul Johnson at for 2010
Attached is the 2010 roster for the club.  If there are corrections, please email Thelma Miller at or see me at the meeting.Officers
President – Kelly Lane                                      Gem Show Co-Chairs – Paul Johnson, Roland Stetler
Vice-President – Barbara Jesser                    Field Trip Coordinators – Scott Duresky, Dean Hostetter
Secretary/Newsletter – Thelma Miller              Library Presentations Committee Chair – Linda Corwin
Treasurer – Leo CloutierNext Meeting: May 10 – Dr. Lance Kearns
Newsletter Deadline: April 29

March 8, 2010President Kelly Lane opened the meeting by announcing that information and applications for Wildacres were available.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed.
For the Gem Show Paul Johnson stated that vendors will be charged for tables and may pay for extra tables if needed.  He then moved that vendors at the Gem Show will have to pay for all tables which they use.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Treasurer Leo Cloutier reported that $600 was paid to JMU from the scholarship fund to help  three students attend a seminar in New England this spring.  He has also paid the Eastern Federation insurance of $100 plus.
The club’s web site address is  It is still being worked on.
Linda Corwin, chair of the Library Committee, has spoken to several libraries concerning presentations.  She has had no response yet from club members concerning Virginia minerals for the traveling exhibits.  Kelly Lane mentioned the possibility of giving gift subscriptions to Rock and Gem Magazine to libraries.  A member suggested giving the subscription to those libraries which invite the club  to make presentations.
Scott Duresky, field trip coordinator, gave the following dates for trips:
March 13 – JMU Mineral Museum
March 27 – Martinsville  [Note: postponed until the fall.]
April 17 – Old Sulfur Mine, Mineral, VA
April 24 – Morefield Mine, Amelia Courthouse, VA
May 1 – copper mine near Wintergreen
Dean Hostetter announced that collecting is still allowed at Chesnut Ridge in Bath County.  For field trips, paid members in another club will be covered for insurance purposes.  The club has been given a projector and John Schlabach has a laptop which can be used with it provided someone calls him ahead of time.  Bob Helt volunteered to call those members who do not have email when necessary.
Scott Duresky had inquired about non-profit status for the club and found it is costly and time consuming.  He also learned that the club cannot sell items to the public, for example, as fund raising.
Charles McLear announced that he is willing to teach wire craft.
Bob Helt presented a program on meteorites.

Newsletter Deadline –If you have information you would like to have in the newsletter, please get it to Thelma Miller on or before the last Friday of the month.  This will allow time for mailing to those who don’t have email tmiller  at