Buck Mountain Mine, Amherst Co.

Location of Buck Mountain mine, Amherst County

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Buck Mountain Mine
The Buck Mountain mine (Figure 3) is located 4.6 miles north of the Forks of Buffalo in western  Amherst County, in the Forks of Buffalo 7.5-minute quadrangle (N4,178,850 E654,860 Zone 17). Penick and Sweet (1984, p. 22) note that the mine was developed by a vertical shaft as well as an adit to follow a 14-inch zone of black, altered, metallic sulfide mineralization. The host rock (Pedlar Complex) is similar to that at the Irish Creek tin mine, 10 miles to the north. Gold and silver mineralization are associated with the minerals arsenopyrite and scorodite; both gold and silver are present in the arsenopyrite at the Irish Creek mine. An October, 1984 fire assay of the vein material from the site by Iron King Assay, Inc., Humboldt, Arizona indicates 0.131 ounce of gold and 3.88 ounces of silver per ton.


Figure 3. Location of Buck Mountain mine, Amherst County.

Figure 1. Map of additional gold mines, prospects, and occurrences in Virginia.


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