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Bracelet of Quartz xls from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia - 475 @ Virginia Rock Shop
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Virginia Chert Pendant wrapped in SS wire - 00629
Virginia Chert Pendant wrapped in SS wire - 00629
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Bracelet of Quartz xls from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia - 475

A wire wrapped bracelet of quartz crystals. A groove or channel is cut around the crystal for the wire. Wrapped with sterling silver wire.
Location: 6 double terminated quartz crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Size: inside diameter is about 7 1/2 inches

"Sold without display props"
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia
Bracelet of Quartz Crystals from Saltville, Smyth Co., Virginia

For custom cutting, wire wrapping, silversmithing send from the Contact Us page. - Thanks, David

Added to our rock_shop on Wednesday 12 January, 2011.

    Quartz - (Silicon Oxide)
"Quartz crystals are abundant on the ridge. They range from clear to smoky and occur as single crystals and in clusters along fractures and cavities in highly iron-oxide stained and fractured sandstone. Some crystals are coated with yellow brown, red or black iron-oxide crust. Crystals have been found up to three inches in length but he average is about 0.5 inches. the smaller crystals tend to be clear and very well formed."
Virginia Minerals - Vol.38 No. 02 
Variety ~ Description
Agate~Banded variety of Chalcedony. Agate occurs in every possible color and shape
Agate Jasper~Synonym of Jasp-agate
Agatized Wood~Wood that has been replaced by banded Chalcedony.
Amberine~Yellow to yellow-green Chalcedony found in Death Valley, California.
Amethyst~Purple variety of Quartz.
Amethyst Quartz~Mixture of Amethyst and Milky Quartz (or clear Quartz). It is purple on top and white or clear on the bottom. It may also be banded purple and white.
Ametrine~Mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. It is partially purple and partially orange-yellow, with the color zones often sharply divided.
Canadian Amethyst - Amethyst with an internal coating of red Hematite. It is only found in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Lavender Amethyst~Pale purple variety of Amethyst
Veracruz Amethyst~Tall, prismatic Amethyst crystals from Vera Cruz, Mexico.
Amethyst Quartz~A mixture of Amethyst and Milky Quartz. It is partially purple and partially white.
Ametrine~Mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. It is partially purple and partially orange-yellow, with the color zones often sharply divided.
Apricotine~Reddish-yellow, apricot-colored waterworn Quartz pebbles from Cape May, New Jersey.
Arkansas Candle~Cluster of clear Quartz crystals ("Rock Crystal") from Arkansas in which the crystals are about six times as long as they are thick.
Aventurine~Translucent to opaque, massive Quartz containing small inclusions of one of several shiny minerals, which give the stone a a glistening effect. Aventurine is usually green, but may also be orange, brown, or yellow.
Aventurine Quartz~Synonym of Aventurine. This term sometimes used to distinguish it from Aventurine Feldspar (Sunstone).
Beta Quartz~Polymorph of Quartz
Binghamite~Quartz with dense, parallel inclusions of Goethite. Its color is yellowish to reddish, and it exhibits chatoyancy. Binghamite is found in the Cuyuna Iron Range in Minnesota, and is sometimes used as a gem. If the Goethite inclusions are not parallel, but disordered, the stone is known as Silkstone.
Blood Jasper~Synonym of Bloodstone
Bloodstone~Dark green to greenish blue variety of Chalcedony dotted with small, red, blood-like spots. (This term is also used to describe compact, amorphous Hematite.)
Blue Jasper~Synonym of Bloodstone
Blue Quartz~Dark blue, opaque, massive Quartz. Also known as Siderite, which is a totally improper term, since Siderite itself is a separate mineral. This term may also refer to Blue Rock Crystal.
Blue Rock Crystal~Rock Crystal synthetically tinted light blue through irradiation of gold.
Cairngorm~Term used in Scotland for Smoky Quartz. May also refer to waterworn pebbles of Smoky Quartz.
Cape May Diamond~Transparent, waterworn, Quartz pebbles found on the shores of Cape May, New Jersey.
Carnelian~Reddish, transparent to translucent variety of Chalcedony.
Carnelian Onyx~Agate composed of red and white banding lines. A type of Sardonyx.
Catalininte~Waterworn Quartz pebbles found on the beaches of Santa Catalina Island, off the coast of California.
Cat's Eye Quartz~Compact Quartz with fine parallel needles of any fibrous mineral. When polished, Cat's Eye Quartz exhibits cat's eye effect (effect of a thin light streak running from one end of the mineral to the other).
Chalcedony~The term "Chalcedony" scientifically refers to any type of microcrystalline Quartz. However, the term is generally used only to
describe white or lightly colored, nodular or massive Chalcedony. All other types of Chalcedony are classified by their respective variety name.
Chalcedony Geode~Geode containing microcrystalline Quartz, forming mammilary blobs inside the geode.
Chalcedony pseudomorph after Coral~Chalcedony that formed a pseudomorph after coral. It is found in the Tampa Bay, Florida.
Chert~Rock composed of microcrystalline Quartz (Chalcedony), with remains of micro-organisms. It is an impure type of Flint. Chert also refers to any Jasper lacking an interesting pattern or color.
Chrysocolla Quartz~Quartz with bluish-green inclusions of Chrysocolla.
Chrysoprase~Apple green variety of Chalcedony.
Citrine~Yellow, orange, orange-brown, or reddish-brown variety of Quartz.
Citrine Quartz~Synonym of Citrine
Colorado Diamond~Smoky Quartz from the Pikes Peak area in Colorado.
Common Chalcedony~White or lightly colored, nodular or massive Chalcedony.
Cornelian~British spelling of Carnelian
Crocidolite Quartz~Synonym of Tiger's Eye
Dendritic Agate~Chalcedony with tree-like or fern-like inclusions. Although the dendritic pattern appears as a fossilized plant, it is really inorganic manganese oxide. Dendritic Agate is not a true Agate, for it is not banded.
Dumortierite Quartz~Massive opaque Quartz colored blue by intergrown Dumortierite crystals.
Eden Valley Wood~Petrified Wood from the Eden Valley (Sweetwater Co.) in Wyoming. The material from this locality is exceptional. It creates perfect casts of thin twigs and branched it silicafied over.
Falcon's Eye~Synonym of Hawk's Eye Ferruginous Quartz~Quartz with an opaque reddish brown Hematite coating.
Flash Rock~White, opaque, rounded Quartz. Two stones are rubbed together in a dark room for the triboluminescence to be seen. (The effect of triboluminescence is present on all types of Quartz, and is not limited to "Flash Rock")
Flint~Massive, uniformly colored variety of Chalcedony that is somewhat impure.
Fossilized Wood~Synonym of Petrified Wood
Geode~Hollow rock filled with crystals. Most geodes are filled with crystalline Quartz, and some are filled with Chalcedony. Virtually all geodes have a layer of Agate surrounding the crystalline Quartz inside the geode.
Gold Quartz~Synonym of Picture Rock
Green Onyx~May refer to Chalcedony dyed a deep green color, and may also refer to an Agate banded light green and white.
Green Quartz~Synonym of Prase
Hawk's Eye~Quartz with parallel, fibrous inclusions of Crocidolite. Hawk's Eye appears similar to Tiger's Eye, having a silky luster and exhibiting chatoyancy, and it also occurs together with it. However, it differs in that Tiger's Eye is a pseudomorph of Quartz after Crocidolite, whereas Hawk's Eye is Quartz with inclusions of Crocidolite.
Haytorite~Quartz pseudomorph after Datolite.
Heliotrope~Synonym of Bloodstone. May also incorrectly refer to a purplish type of Opal.
Hematite Quartz~Synonym of Ferruginous Quartz
Herkimer Diamond~Lustrous, clear, doubly terminated Quartz crystals from Herkimer Co., New York. Occasionally also dubbed "Middleville Diamonds" or "Little Falls Diamonds".
Holly Blue~Translucent, violet-blue variety of Chalcedony. It is sometimes banded.
Hornstone~Synonym of Chert or Jasper
Iridescent Quartz~Quartz with an iridescent coating of Hematite. See also Ferruginous Quartz.
Iris Quartz~Clear Quartz crystals with small internal flaws that cause an iridescent effect.
Japanese Law Twin~Synonym of Japanese Twin Japanese Twin~Twinned Quartz crystals that join at an angle of 90º by their base.
Jasp-agate~Banded mixture of reddish or yellowish Jasper and colorless or white Chalcedony. There is more Jasper in the stone than there is Chalcedony. Since Jasp-agate is banded, it is classified as an Agate.
Jasper~Opaque variety of Chalcedony occurring in all colors.
Jasperine~ Jasper
Jasponyx~Opaque type of Onyx with the layers composed of Jasper.
Landscape Agate~Synonym of Scenic Agate
Midge Stone~Synonym of Moss Agate
Milky Quartz~White, translucent to opaque variety of Quartz.
Mirabeu Diamond~Lustrous, clear, doubly terminated Quartz crystal from Mirabeu, France.
Morion~Opaque variety of black Quartz. Type of Smoky Quartz.
Mosquito Agate~Moss Agate in which the inclusions resemble a cluster of mosquitoes.
Moss Agate~Chalcedony with inclusions of Hornblende. The inclusions are dendritic and green, and may form interesting patterns.
Moss Jasper~Synonym of Moss Agate. This term may also be used to describe a certain type of petrified wood.
Myrickite~Chalcedony with red bands of Cinnabar found in Death Valley, California.
Niccolo~Onyx used for engravings
Novaculite~Massive white Quartz used to make whetstones for sharpening knives, razors, and steel tools.
Onegite~Light purple variety of Chalcedony with inclusions; found in Lake Onega (near Leningrad) Russia.
Onice~Old term once used for Onyx
Onyx~Type of Agate where the banding lines are straight and parallel, and consistent in band size.
Petrified Wood~Wood that was chemically replaced by a mineral substance.
Phantom Quartz~Quartz crystal with a phantom growth.
Picture Rock~White Quartz streaked with Gold veins.
Plasma~Dark green variety of Chalcedony. It often contains white or yellow spots.
Prase~Light to emerald green, transparent to translucent Quartz, with coloring caused from inclusions of green minerals, such as Actinolite, Hedenbergite, Chlorite, or Malachite. Prase usually occurs in massive form, but may also be crystallized.
Praseme~Light green, translucent Quartz with Hedenbergite inclusions found in Serifos, Greece.
Prasiolite~Olive green, transparent variety of Quartz. Prasiolite does not occur naturally. It is produced by heating Amethyst or Citrine from certain Brazilian localities. Prasiolite may also be spelled Praziolite.
Quartz Cat's Eye~Synonym of Cat's Eye Quartz
Quartz Diamond~Synonym of Rock Crystal
Quartz Geode~Geode filled with crystalline Quartz.
Rainbow Quartz~Synonym of Iris Quartz
Rock Crystal~Colorless, transparent, well-crystallized variety of Quartz.
Rose Quartz~Pink variety of Quartz.
Rutilated Quartz~Quartz with golden-yellow, needlelike Rutile inclusions.
Sagenite~Synonym of Rutilated Quartz. May also refer to a specific type of Rutilated Quartz where the Rutile needles bisect at an angle near 60°.
Sagenitic Quartz~Quartz containing inclusions of any needle-like mineral.
Sapphire Quartz~Synonym of Blue Quartz
Sard~Brownish to brownish-red, transparent to translucent variety of Chalcedony.
Sardoine~Synonym of Sard
Sardonyx~Variety of Agate with straight parallel bands of brownish to red alternating with white or black bands.
Scenic Agate~Dendritic Agate with interesting designs resembling scenery.
Scepter Quartz~Quartz crystal with a scepter growth.
Scotch Pebble~Any of several forms of Quartz.
Silicified Coral~Quartz or Chalcedony pseudomorph after coral. Synonym of Chalcedony pseudomorph after coral.
Silicified Wood~Petrified Wood
Silkstone~Quartz with dense inclusions of Goethite. The inclusions are not parallel, but in a disordered pattern. If the inclusions are parallel, the mineral is called Binghamite.
Sinopal~A reddish form of Aventurine
Smoky Quartz~Black or dark brown variety of Quartz.
Star Quartz~Quartz displaying asterism. May be of colorless Quartz or Rose Quartz.
Tigereye~Synonym of Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye~Pseudomorph of Quartz after fibrous Crocidolite.
Tourmalinated Quartz~Quartz with splintery Tourmalineinclusions.
Venus Hair Quartz~Rutilated Quartz in a crystallized form.
Vermarine~Synonym of Prasiolite
Wascoite~Chalcedony from Wasco Co., Oregon, with irregular yellow, pink, and red concentric bands.
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