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Yellow Beryl Crystal - Mineral Specimen, Virginia- MV031~. @ Virginia Rock Shop
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Yellow Beryl Crystal - Mineral Specimen, Virginia- MV031~.

Golden-Yellow Beryl Crystal
Collected from Pittsylvania Wayside, near Altavista, Pittsylvania Co. Virginia
Approximate size - 1/2" x 1/4" x 1/4"
A small but nice shaped somewhat gemmy crystal of yellow/golden beryl. No terminations on the end which show fresh cleavage or fracture surfaces. Very minor surface inclusions.

Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia
Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia

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Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia
Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia

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Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia
Yellow Beryl Crystal, Virginia

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Added to our rock_shop on Tuesday 24 February, 2009.


  • Beryl chemical composition: (Beryllium Aluminum Silicate) Be3Al2(SiO3)6
  • Hardness (Mohs): 7˝ - 8
  • Color: is varied and includes emerald green, blue to blue-green, yellow, greenish-gold, red, colorless and pink.
  • Transparency: transparent to opaque
  • Cleavage: imperfect in one direction (basal).
  • Fracture: Conchoidal producing smooth brilliant surfaces, brittle

Varieties of beryl have been considered gemstones since prehistoric times.
Colorless beryl is called goshenite, Originally described from Barrus Farm locality, Goshen, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA.
 pink beryl is morganite,  Morganite is used as a gemstone. It was named after the American banker J. P. Morgan.

 red beryl is bixbite, or "red emerald" or "scarlet emerald,"   Originally described from Maynard's Claim (Pismire Knolls), Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA. Bixbite was named after the mineral collector Maynard Bixby.

 yellow-green beryl is heliodor, Originally applied as a trade name for "Golden Beryl" from Rössing, Namibia. See E. Kaiser (1912) Centr. Min. p385. Now in more common use for any gem-quality Golden Beryl.

 green beryl is emerald, The name emerald is thought to be of the Ancient Greek word smaragdos meaning green stone which was originally applied to a variety of green colored minerals.

 blue beryl is aquamarine, The name aquamarine is of Latin origin meaning sea water in allusion to its color.

 deep blue beryl is maxixe,

Metaphysical Properties

beryl group
Stones of the beryl group exude a gentle energy; at the same time, they guide us to magnificent spiritual progress with the greatest determination. They are very special friends of humanity; they ease the path for us as much as they can.

colorless beryl (goshen): Devotion - Serenity
colorless beryl . . GOD
"I give this stone to you in memory of Me. Immerse yourself in what is eternal. Merge into Me."
God smiles. Truth is eternal. Love is eternal.
"find your way to Me. Believe in Me. Trust your heart.
God smiles, his love lies in Absolute Simplicity. The colorless beryl is a symbol of it."

Energy class 1

golden beryl: Eye Of Life - Guardian of the Sun
golden beryl . . GUARDIAN OF THE SUN
This is a golden stone in the best sense.
It says, "Respect life, and remember the sun in your heart."
A gentle and kind air surrounds us when we are receptive to this stone. It's effects are intense and rapid. It emanates a radiance that makes us want to surrender ourselves. It vibrates with clarity and truth: it channels Light and Love. The golden beryl signifies a homecoming to many of us. This feeling affects the holistic being; we understand divine Light energy; we awake to a deeper bond with God. This is for all who love God and would like o be closer to Divinity.

Energy class 1

emerald: An Emerald Lies In the Depths Of The Heart
emerald . . RENEWAL
The emerald renews us. It connects us with our origin and our promise to be human beings.
When the emerald was born, it vowed to help human beings. "I lead them into their own DEPTHS so that they perceive who they are," it said. Within this promise are its gift and its help. Whatever we have perceived and understood about ourselves - there is more to learn. Whatever we may learn about God, there is always more to learn.


aquamarine:  Vastness -  Immersed into Depth
In the aquamarine we have a friend besides us; in a completely selfless manner; it wants the best foe us. It examines our path in life in an extraordinary way.
As a great friend of mankind, the aquamarine incessantly radiates a vibration of trust - reliance in the Infinite Wisdom of God, in the Almighty Love. It lets us understand that life on earth is a joy. The aquamarine in its loving goodness embraces us, rocks us, smiles, and promises: "I am with you. I guard your growth. Trust me, and i will be able to achieve everything for you."

Energy class 1

morganite: Angel of Wisdom
morganite . . LOVE - WISDOM
The morganite is the angel of wisdom united with love. True wisdom comes from the heart; it communes with the heart. Symbolized by the delicate pink, the highest vibration of holistic love surrounds the morganite.
Our fear of love developed through past-life experiences. People we have loved hurt and abandoned us. Someday, we will perceive that life and death are one. We will realize that we cannot lose anyone or anything. We will feel our immortality. We will know security in absolute love, then we risk loving without any conditions - then there is nothing more that can hurt us.
We human beings are capable of unconditional love. We only have to try it.

Energy class 1

bixbite: Yearning and Redemption
bixbite . . LIBERATION
Yearning for love is natural. We all strive for -to realize love. if our yearning is too strong, we be come obsessed and neglect the rest of our life. Then we are on the wrong path.

Energy class 1

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