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Virginia Prehnite Pendant - P016~. @ Virginia Rock Shop
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Purple Agate Pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver - 00643
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Virginia Prehnite Pendant - P016~.

Virginia Preunite Pendant - Green prehnite with white areas
From: Cedar Mountain Stone Quarry, Mitchells, Culpeper Co. Virginia
wire wrapped with nickel silver wire
Approximate size - 2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"
Free form hand polished prehnite with natural surface on one edge and a vug of white (byssolite or thaumasite ?I'm not sure).

Virginia Prehnite Pendant
Virginia Prehnite Pendant

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Virginia Prehnite Pendant
Virginia Prehnite Pendant

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Virginia Prehnite Pendant
Virginia Prehnite Pendant

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For custom cutting, wire wrapping, silversmithing send from the Contact Us page. - Thanks, David

Added to our rock_shop on Wednesday 24 December, 2008.

  • Prehnite chemical composition: (Calcium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide) Ca2 Al2 Si3 O10(OH)2 Prehnite is often found with zeolites.
  • Hardness (Mohs) 6 - 6 1/2
  • Color: is usually a pale green may be white, gray, and various shades of green and greenish-yellow
  • Luster: vitreous to pearly
  • Transparency: Subtransparent to translucent
  • Cleavage: is good in one direction.
  • Fracture: uneven

More info.

    PREHNITE, a Mineral, which occurs crystallised and massive. Primary form a right rhombic prism. Cleavage easy, parallel to the base of the primary form, and less so in the direction of the lateral faces. Fracture uneven. Hardness, scratches glass easily. Becomes electric by heat. Colour white, gray, and various shades of green and greenish-yellow. Lustre vitreous. Transparent, translucent. Specific gravity. 2-926. The variety which occurs in small thin crystals is called Koupholite. The crystals of this substance have a remarkable tendency to exhibit rounded faces.

    Massive varieties botryoidal, globular, and stalactitic, structure broad fibrous; amorphous, structure granular, compact, with rougli surfaces. It occurs also in rolled masses.

    Before the blow-pipe it is converted into a white scoria, and fuses into a compact globule; with borax it readily becomes a clear glass.

    This mineral was first found at the Cape of Good Hope; it has since been met with in many places in different quarters of the. globe, as Scotland, Cornwall, France, &c. Koupholite occurs at Baregra in the department of Hautes-Pyre'nees. It is composed of silica, alumina, lime, oxide of iron, potash, soda, and water. The following forms of Prehnitc are given by Dana :— fSlcllite. In fibrous stellar groups like mesole; lustre silky and shining. It fuses to a white enamel Gelatinizes with muriatic acid. It comes from Kilsyth, Scotland.
from: Natural History: Or, Second Division of "The English Encyclopedia"
edited by Charles Knight
Published by Scribner, Welford & Co., 1867
Metaphysical Properties

This stone cheers us up. It is good for colds and strenghtens our immunes syetem. Although it is not a great helper, it has a quick effect on the small problems in life. For a short time, it encourages us tht we will make it. Afterwards we need other stones.
Its quality is th quickness with which it works and the encoragemnet it gives us in a light and easy manner. This is why we may expreience it as more pleasant than hematite, which stands for COURAGE but energetically pushes us foward at the same time.

Energy class 2
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