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Purple Agate Pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver - 00643
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Mineral Specimen, Calcite crystal group, Russia - 00356

Calcite crystal group
One large and several smaller clear crystals of calcite, small brassy pyrite crystals are sprinkled over the surface of the crystal faces.
From, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia - From the collection of Jerome Ulinski
Size is about 4.5x3.5x2.5CM

Calcite crystal group, Russia
Calcite crystal group, Russia

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Calcite crystal group, Russia
Calcite crystal group, Russia

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Calcite crystal group, Russia
Calcite crystal group, Russia

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Added to our rock_shop on Friday 30 April, 2010.

  • Calcite chemical composition: (Calcium Carbonate) CaCO3 commonly with some impurities of either iron, magnesium, manganese, and occasionally with zinc and cobalt.
  • Hardness (Mohs) 2½ - 3
  • Color: variable but generally white or colorless or with light shades of yellow, orange, blue, pink, red, brown, green, black and gray.
  • Luster: vitreous to resinous to dull in massive forms
  • Transparency: transparent to opaque
  • Cleavage: perfect in three directions, forming rhombohedrons.
  • Fracture: Conchoidal. Hardly observed because of the perfect cleavage.
Calcite is one of the most abundant and widespread minerals in Virginia. It occurs in massive, granular, and fibrous form, and in a wide variety of crystal habits. Calcite has excellent rhombohedral cleavage that allows it to be easily broken along three directions or planes. These planes are clearly shown on the specimen.
    Calcite can be clear or practically any color die to the presence of impurities. Clear varieties have the property of doubly bending light rays that pass through it. This characteristic makes the mineral useful in some optical instruments. Calcite is composed of calcium carbonate, has a hardness of 3 on the Mhos Scale of Hardness, and effervesces (fizzes) when in contact with diluted hydrochloric acid. Because rain water is slightly acidic it dissolves calcite (and rocks containing calcite like limestone) to enlarge cracks and form caves. Calcite also forms the stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave deposits found in the caverns of Virginia.
    Calcite is found in all types of rocks, and is the principal constituent of such rocks as chalk limestone, and marble. It may also serve as the cementing agent in sandstones and shales. 

Metaphysical Properties

calcite . . SUPPORT
Calcite increases our awareness and empathy. It encourages us to accomplish our goals and find the ways and means of achieving them. It opens our hearts to the troubles and suffering of other people.

Energy class 2

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