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The Earthkeeper Crystals are awesomely large quartz crystals that have only in the last year (1986) been located on the planet. These majestic specimens of light are being midwifed on to the surface of the earth by conscious miners and average five to seven feet in length and weigh seven to 8,500 pounds. These massive crystals are being mined from 30 to 60 feet underground and even in the heat of the day are ice cold to the touch. I was blessed to see several of these crystals when they arrived in the United States and hope to spend much more time around them. There are only a few Earthkeeper Crystals that have been mined to date. However, there is rumor of more.

The Earthkeepers are like giant redwood trees. Their auras grab your attention, baffling the mind with their enormous presence. They have weathered many earth-year rotations and in the process have embodied tremendous amounts of life experience. The Earthkeepers are a solid statement of life, growth, evolution, and perfection that cannot be ignored. Their presence warrants respect and their purpose is to take us beyond ourselves.




There is a very special story that surrounds the Earth-keeper Crystals, one of hope and inspiration. Sit back, relax, and I will share it with you.

A long, long time ago when the world was just a babe and the universe was younger, our earth was visited by advanced beings who originated much closer to the core of the galaxy and thrived on the abundant light source that emanated from the great central sun. Having more light available and being closer to the source of pure energy, they evolved at a rapid rate and took to the outer star systems in a quest for knowledge and adventure. As they gazed upon primal earth and witnessed the blue waters, the dense greenery, and the rich land, they named her Terra, meaning “the one who bears life.”

Observing the natural physical laws governing Terra, they realized that she was ripe for conception. These beings, which we will refer to as The Elders, worked diligently with the elemental forces preparing the planet for the birth of conscious life forms. They used the natural earth stuff, silicon dioxide, and beamed into it their light force, creating huge Quartz crystals, known to us as the Earthkeepers. With the Earthkeeper Crystals as their predecessor, the electro-magnetic force field of the earth was set in preparation for their incarnation onto the physical plane. When the elements were right and the Earth-keeper Crystals had aligned the planet to a higher cosmic force, the Elders took human form and experienced the world of the senses. Many of them came and formed the root civilizations of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis, for they were the ancient ones which all myths, legends and religions refer to. They stood on the edge of time and were the master builders of universal evolution.

Also evolving on the planet at that time was Neanderthal man, who was an animal life form originating from the womb of Terra. The simultaneous existence of an animal breed and a highly evolved race of beings on the earth marked the beginning of a new cosmic cycle for Terra, one that could potentially lead her to her highest destiny.

The advanced civilizations used the Earthkeeper Crystals in their daily practices and bathed in their radiance. The crystals served to keep their consciousness attuned to the higher frequencies of their mother homeland, and all who came within their auric field were filled with power. They became powerful tools through which the cosmic force could be channeled to empower food, water, jewelry, and sacred robes which would then be worn. In certain cases these crystals were used as the judge in a court. Twelve people would stand around them, palm to palm, and when eight of the twelve received the same answer it was considered true.


Earthkeeper Crystal

Earthkeeper Crystal

As part of the divine plan for the advancement of the original species of the earth, it was decided that some of  the Elder souls would enter into the evolutionary cycle of the primates in order to eventually uplift them to the level of consciousness where they too would become attuned with the light force comprising the universe. Those who chose to stay and incarnate time and time again made a great sacrifice as they plunged into the world of matter, knowing that someday they would rise and with them take their fellow brothers and sisters. As this process occurred the memory veil was dropped and the remembrance of who they were and why they had come was hidden, so that they would become as one with the earthlings.

As time passed they became very accustomed to the earth and many became attached to the pleasures of the five senses and began to use the cosmic power generated from the crystals for their own personal fulfillment. They directed that force toward their own greed and purpose, which resulted in the eventual downfall of the root civilizations.

Seeing the dangerous misuse of power, many chose to leave Terra at that time and continue their work of evolutionary seeding. The ones who chose to stay eventually interbred with the earthlings and as a result of genetic mixing, a giant step in evolution was taken by the original inhabitants of earth. Thus, a new age of man was born. As the races merged a new breed of being was created and a new evolutionary cycle started, one that would take eons to complete. We are now on the threshold of that outcome, having become a refined race of beings capable of claiming the heritage of the stars from which the forefathers originated.



Earthkeeper Crystal

Earthkeeper Crystal

The Earthkeeper Crystals were buried deep within the earth at the time of the mass exodus from the planet. They were to be literally “the keepers of the earth” and to watch over the progress and record the experience of the fall and rise of spirit into matter. When destiny manifested these giants once again onto the surface of the planet, they were to be the main device that would trigger the remembrance of the plan, lift the veils of forgotten memory, and reunite the consciousness of the ones who chose to stay with those who traveled on. The Earthkeepers, when activated by those who carry the ancient knowledge, will serve to embody the consciousness of the Elders, enabling the new race of Terra to establish consciousness communication with its celestial lineage. Once active, the Earthkeepers will also be able to transmit the knowledge of the evolution of life upon the earth to the Elders to be used for the development of consciousness on other worlds.

In many ways the Earthkeepers are like the symbolic monolith in that they arrived in ancient history and programmed (interbred) with the animal inhabitants and then were silent for thousands of years. When man was ready and had evolved to the point where he could reach out into the stars, the monolith’ (the Earthkeepers) reappeared and directed their attention and focused their minds into realms of consciousness that they would have been unable to achieve on their own.

The Earthkeepers are here. They have come as great sages that carry within them not only the knowledge of the entire history of the earth, but also of life in the lighted stellar spaces from which their essence originated. They are manifestations of massive power and intelligence. They contain within them the wisdom of how to weather time, space, and physical plane existence, harvesting from it truth and love.

Arthur C. Clarke, 2001. 2010, Space Odyssey


The Earthkeeper Crystals, when mined, are in an inactive state and have a thick milky frosting on their surface. The inside of the crystal is ice clear. It is as if the dusts of time need to be wiped off of them. When these crystals are activated, they will again serve to channel higher cosmic frequencies onto the planet, enabling accomplishment of conscious attunement and alignment with those forces.

Upon activation of these crystals we can learn the secrets of how to be in a physical body and in a material world, yet not be bound to it. When the Earthkeepers are in a state of complete activation their very presence will create greater awareness and expanded thinking. It would be of most benefit if these crystals were used in healing centers, communities, or group gatherings where many people could be exposed to their energies.

Their activation is dependent upon mergence with human thought forms. When twenty one people of like-mindedness gather around them in a circle, hold hands, and become of the same mind, the crystal will reawaken and the line of communication into the cosmic regions will be opened. The individuals forming the circle around the great Earthkeepers will unite their vibrational frequencies to become like the molecules in a crystal, in sync with cosmic energy. That willingness to let go of the personal ego sense of self and consciously merge into a greater whole is exactly the element needed to activate the Earthkeepers and link our collective consciousness to the knowledge, information, and energy that would otherwise be unattainable.


Earthkeeper Crystal at TMI

Earthkeeper Crystal at TMI

When the Earthkeepers are worked with in group meditation practices they will assist individuals in expanding their concept of “self’ to include all the persons participating in the meditation. With unity of mind, oneness of heart, and synchronicity of spirit, the power that a group has to create positive change multiplies a thousandfold. The Earthkeepers can teach us how to shift our one-track focus and realize the multiple potentials that can be created when we learn to see beyond our noses and witness the greater scheme of things. With all persons vibrating at the same frequency around the great Earthkeepers, we will be taught how to become “the keepers of the earth” and a tremendous elevation for this planet will result. As individuals learn to unite into groups in this way, the unification of the human race into one being will be just a step away. The impersonality that the Earthkeeper Crystals teach is not one of indifference, but rather of committed concern—to the degree of letting go of individual ego interests in order to dedicate time, space, energy and focus towards unity.

Earthkeeper Crystal children

Earthkeeper Crystal children

These crystals evoke positive action. They create harmony. They are here to unite us with the source from which we sprang and to teach how to maintain our connection with both the earth and the heavens. These crystals carry within them the memory of being transported here and can potentially teach us the art of time travel. They can teach us how to maintain a physical existence and also release our identity to it as we soar the higher dimensions of reality. As a race we are ready. Ready again to take a giant step in evolution and assist in aligning the earth entity Terra to the cosmic rays emanating from the great central sun at the core of the galaxy. When this occurs human consciousness will totally reawaken to the realities that are now beyond comprehension. The Earth-keepers are part of that awakening and will inspire our latent potential and stimulate the dormant areas of our brains to embrace our ultimate destiny. Terra is becoming of age. She is ready to cross the threshold into maturity and adulthood and become one with the vast expanse of cosmic space of which she is a vital part.

excerpt from  Crystal Healing book (1987) by Katrina Raphaell

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