Soapstone slab for Cathy_E

Soapstone slab 14x14x.75inches with 400 grit polish on face.

Soapstone slab 14x14x.75inches

Rock slabs in RVCC new Lounge soapstone bar top

Slices of rocks mostly from Virgina used in the soapstone counter top for the new lounge area at Rockfish Valley Community Center.

New Soapstone countertop with rock slabs for RVCC Lounge Area

Unakite from Nelson Co. in RVCC soapstone counter top


Unakite from Rockbridge Co. in RVCC soapstone countertop

Blue […]

Virginia Soapstone Rough from Schuyler quarries

Virginia Soapstone Rough – Schuyler quarries

Virginia Soapstone Rough – Schuyler quarries – $9.00

Gray colored soapstone from Quarry in Schuyler, Nelson County, Virginia

block type piece which has been setting in stacks since the 70’s has been washed with water but no cleaning, has surface dirt and stains from weathering.

From the collection […]