Rockbridgeite pendant for David_G

Rockbridgeite pendants wrapped in sterling silver.

Rockbridgeite pendants in SS



Rockbridgeite pendants in SS back view

Rockbridgeite & Strengite

Rockbridgeite & Strengite Mineral Specimen from Virginia

Rockbridgeite & Strengite Mineral Specimen from Virginia $20.00

collected from the Dixie Iron Mine in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Approximate size – 3 1/2″ x 2″ x 3″

A specimen of rockbridgeite with an exposed pocket of strengite on kidwellite.

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Unakite Pendant Virginia

Unakite Pendant – Rockbridge co., Virginia

Virginia Unakite Pendant $20.00

Unakite collected from near Vesuvius, Rockbridge County, Virginia

wire wrapped with nickel silver wire

Size: about -> long: 2 inches x wide: 1″ x thick: 1/4″

freeform cabochon – striped type pattern with shades of green epidote and orange/pinkish feldspar

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