Quartz crystal from Staunton for Sarah_S

Quartz crystal were found during the construction of a new shopping center on Rt. 11 in Staunton VA in early 70’s. Members of the Shenandoah Valley Gem and Mineral Society of Waynesboro, VA

Quartz crystal from Collection of Randy Dixion, Collected in early 70’s from new shopping center in Staunton Va.

Quartz crystal […]

Citrine Ear Plugs for Sandra_M

Ear Plugs made from Citrine quartz, a bit larger than 4 gauge (5.5mm).


Citrine ear plugs, flared on one end and slightly tapered

Citrine quartz stone before cutting

Citrine ear plug preformed started

Citrine ear plug preformed started and gauging to size

Citrine ear plug preformed started and gauged […]

Sugarloaf Mountain quartz cut into earrings for Ben

Quartz collected by Ben from Dutch Creek near Sugarloaf Mountain, Nelson Co., VA to be cut into earrings similar to the chrysocolla earrings in picture.


Sugarloaf Mountain Quartz earrings, wrapped in Gold Filled with gold filled hoops

Sugarloaf Mountain Quartz collected by Ben to be cut into earrings

Sugarloaf Mountain Quartz […]

Virginia Sugarloaf Quartz Freeform Cabochon

Virginia Sugarloaf Quartz Freeform Cabochon

Virginia Sugarloaf Quartz Freeform Cabochon $20.00

Quartz with clear areas and reddish iron oxide inclusions collected from near Sugarload Mountain, Dutch Creek, Nelson County, Virginia

Size: tall= 3″ x wide= 2″ x thick= 1/4″

Hand cut and polished large freeform quartz stone, natural surface on back.

A large cab […]

Quartz Crystal – “Earthkeeper Crystal Child”

Quartz Crystal – "Earthkeeper Crystal Child"

Quartz Crystal from Brazil – $125.00

Mineral Specimen – Quartz Crystal – “Earthkeeper Crystal Child”

From: Brazil

Approximate size – 9″ x 4″x 3-1/2″ and 5.0 lbs.

A healed quartz crystal ( no attachment areas ) with a point at one end and the other has natural terminations […]


Crystal Healing





The Earthkeeper Crystals are awesomely large quartz crystals that have only in the last year (1986) been located on the planet. These majestic specimens of light are being midwifed on to the surface of the earth by conscious miners and average five to seven […]