Blue Quartz Pendants for Tracy_H

Blue Quartz pendants form Nelson Co. VA.

Blue quartz pendants w/ coin

Blue quartz pendants view 1

Blue quartz pendants view 2

Blue quartz pendants view 3



Bonnie_H cut and polish her stones

VA Blue Quartz and Serpentine collected by Bonnie to be cut and polished.

Virginia Blue Quartz and Serpentine collected by Bonnie_H


Polished Blue Quartz and Serpentine from Virginia

VA Blue Quartz and Serpentine Pendants


Rock slabs in RVCC new Lounge soapstone bar top

Slices of rocks mostly from Virgina used in the soapstone counter top for the new lounge area at Rockfish Valley Community Center.

New Soapstone countertop with rock slabs for RVCC Lounge Area

Unakite from Nelson Co. in RVCC soapstone counter top


Unakite from Rockbridge Co. in RVCC soapstone countertop

Blue […]

Blue Quartz – Pendants for Rainey

Blue Quartz Pendants – from Nelson Co., Virginia

Blue Quartz Pendants Side -1

The pendant in gold is (Red Brass [CDA #230 alloy (85% copper/15% zinc)]; also known as NuGold, Jeweler’s Bronze or Merlin’s Gold. Other pendants are in Sterling Silver wire.

Blue Quartz Pendants Side -2

Blue Quartz Pendant, in […]

Blue Quartz Pendant – Virginia

Blue Quartz Pendant – Virginia

Virginia Blue Quartz Pendant – $20.00

blue quartz collected from Bryant’s farm, near Roseland, Nelson County, Virginia

wire wrapped with Sterling silver wire

Size: long=about 1inches x wide=1/2″ x thick=1/4″

freeform hand cut and polished all around, flat top and back, good blue color, groove cut around edge of […]