West Virginia Coral Pendant

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These are the crystals I received.

A total of 48.27 grams, close enough to 50.

30.35 of chips and pieces of crystals. 17.92 of crystals and even a lot of them have damage. Take Care, David http://www.varockhound.com http://www.varockshop.com



Speak up Nelson County, Virginia – no pipeline

Say NO to the Proposed Dominion Pipeline! KEY POINTS for Letter-Writing


Va state maps lasered with SBC

Sweet Briar College SBC lasered on maps of Virginia ulna kite from the Rose river in Madison Co. vA.

Soapstone slab for Cathy_E

Soapstone slab 14x14x.75inches with 400 grit polish on face.

Soapstone slab 14x14x.75inches

Actinolite in epidote cut and polished for Edward_S


Rock cut and polished on one piece Epidote with quartz after actinolite with small areas of red jasper.

Epidote with quartz after actinolite with small areas of red jasper

Blue Quartz Pendants for Tracy_H

Blue Quartz pendants form Nelson Co. VA.

Blue quartz pendants w/ coin

Blue quartz pendants view 1

Blue quartz pendants view 2

Blue quartz pendants view 3