Sapphires for David_C

Polish sapphires for David

4 pcs sapphire-rough

polished sapphire-1 view

polished sapphire-3 views



Rockbridgeite pendant for David_G

Rockbridgeite pendants wrapped in sterling silver.

Rockbridgeite pendants in SS



Rockbridgeite pendants in SS back view

Eilat & Youngite pendants for Linda_K

Eilat Stone pendants in sterling silver wire. It is called Eilat Stone, named after the locality in which it is found, and is Israel’s national stone. It comes in shades of green and blue. The mine from which this stone comes has been depleted, forcing the many tourist shops selling Eilat Stone to import it […]

SBC Unakite States

Virginia state maps of unakite for Sweet Briar College.


Virginia unakite state map lasered with SBC letters


SBC Virginia Unakite

Virginia state map of unakite


New cab for Brooch for Phyllis_A

Made cab out of malachite to set into brooch.

malachite rough for brooch

cab set into brooch