PREHNITE from classic old New Jersey locality

Phrenite after anhydrite (I think)? Has some small apophyllite crystals sprinkled in some areas. I believe the white to be laumontite. The speciemen is from the collection of a William Foster of Northern Va, who’s collection was purchased by Jack Golighlty of Madison Co., VA. I purchase a part of the collection in the mid […]

Mom’s 90th B’day

A few pictures at Mom’s 90th B’day.

mom’s cake with candles lit.

new computer for mom.


Happy Birthday from the boys!

Caroline smiling for the camera.


Caroline do ring around the posy.

All fall down.

Caroline thrown to the sky.

Ready to go again!



dZi Beads for Kirby

Pictures of dZi beads from collection of Malaine Poore

Some older looking dZi beads view_1

Some older looking dZi beads view_2